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Weigent-Hogan Neighborhood Association

Be Involved in Guiding Weigent-Hogan's Future

Board & Committees

Weigent-Hogan Neighborhood Association encourages participation through our committees.

WHNA allows for active committees for long standing concerns or adhoc committees for short term goal resolution. These are established based on need and available participant interest. If a committee goes inactive, remaining concerns will be handled by members of the board.

Currently, there are no active committees. Feel free to attend a general meeting to speak with the board on how to get started with a new committee.

Here are examples of past committees:

  • Environment – focused on the ecological health of the neighborhood by educating on gardening, trees, wildlife, etc.
  • Governance – functioned as a nominations committee for the WHNA Board and responsible for yearly review of Bylaws.
  • Infrastructure – advocated for improvements to streets, parks, structures and public health and safety.
  • Membership – worked to strengthen communication within the neighborhood and to increase engagement within WHNA.

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